Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mike's Cats

Sidney definately knows who his new Daddy is.  He also knows to give Kira her space.  Siamese cats are so dang smart. 

Kira was napping in Mike's legs and Sidney wanted some of that lovin' too.  He knows he'll get some as long as he can climb onto Daddy's lap without disturbing Kira.  Success!

This is their first Tandem photo.  Sorry it was kinda blurry.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween in Portland

HalloweenTime on our first October in Portland.  I have not lived in a "Trick-Or-Treat" worthy house in decades, so our rental house got to step up and get decked out for the holiday.  Bailey watched me decorate the yard from the front window.  Of course, we had to include the cat decorations!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Meet Sidney

So a new PetSmart opened on Monday, and Mike & I had to go check it out... well at least go and welcome the rescue kitties to their new *temporary* home.  As we walk up, the first cat we see was this cute, very shy boy.  Since Kira may not be with us much longer, we know the day will be coming when we have to transfer our lovin' to another feline, and while we hate to 'replace' her before she was even gone, here was a cat that perfectly matched our desires: Siamese (not brown, like Simba), male, Bailey's age, grey (like Kira), and a rescue cat needing a new home.  He is very very shy, a huge lover, purrs so hard he drools, and we brought him home on Friday.  We named him Sidney.