Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cats = Muppets.... Ok Go!

The only thing more psycho and crazy than cats, are Muppets.  For those who live under a rock (or worse, under a Fraggle Rock), there will be a new Muppet movie this holiday season entitled: "The Muppets"...  so clever of them, huh?

So I share with you today (because it has been too long since I have posted) a new video featuring Ok Go and the Muppets performing The Muppet Show Theme.

Waldorf & Statler have the right idea.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

KC McCasey Abraham DeLacey Thomas O'Malley Cat

Our Neighborhood Association met 3 weeks ago, across the street.  At the meeting, a stray, youthful cat waited outside the door until he was ready to make his grand entrance... which he did, at least five times during the meeting.

He was obviously interested in getting involved.  This was, however, not the venue he was most suited for.

A week later, he found the kitty food dish and water bowl that we keep on our porch.

New cat on the steps, with resident FluffySox looking on.

It took all of about... 47 minutes, for this cat to figure out he struck gold on our porch.  He comes running whenever the front door is opened.  He heels like a dog if we walk through our yard, or up the street.  He seems to have set up his new home here, it's a good thing he is quite friendly and social.

 Very comfy... he's got "sleepy" eyes, not "evil" eyes.

So, as with all porch cats, we gave him a nickname: KC, short for KC McCasey, short for KC McCasey Abraham DeLacey Thomas O'Malley, the alley cat.

Introducing: KC McCasey