Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happee Birthdai, Ellens

Bailey is a big fan, and watches The Ellen DeGeneres Show everyday

Editor's Note:  Bailey logged in as me to post this without my permission

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three Kitty Update

Kira just keeps ticking.  Despite our concerns about how well she is doing, she still rebounds back from the brink time and time again.  I think her down days are an elaborate act she puts on just to see if we are still gonna give her lovin's.  There are still times when she sleeps all day, doesn't eat, and is wobbly on her feet...  but more often than not, she is alert, hungry, purring, and follows her daddies around for more love.  Every time we are about to write her off, she bounces back with energy and affection.  Right now, I give her a couple more weeks... but anything could change at any time.

The boys, Bailey and Sidney, are behaving irregularly as well.  I think it is part S.A.D. (seasonal affect disorder) due to grey skies and rain outside, plus closed windows and curtains that result.  I think it is also due in part a result of Kira getting extra daddy time.  (Bailey still thinks "pouncing" on Kira is a fun game, so we have limited the boys' access to upstairs, thus allowing Kira to remain relaxed-- especially important now that she has lost most of her hearing and can't hear when Bailey is closing in on her)

As a result, the boys have come up with an ingenious new strategy to get noticed--thus getting more daddytime.  For months, Bailey has claimed the red, bust patterned chair as his "bed" in the living room, and Sidney prefers Simba's old cat bed.  Seems only fitting that Bailey has the dark patterned chair to match his dark patterned fur.  Likewise, Sidney naps fittingly in the simple tan bed, that matches his simple tan coat. 

BUT NOW, they have inexplicably switched...  creating kitty contrast.  Dark cat on light bed, light cat on dark bed.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Xanadu (and how I link it to Kira and the BaileyBlog)

So, last night we went to see the stage version of Xanadu. How could that be a topic for this blog about (my) cats, you ask. Well, follow along, if you will.

Xanadu is a 2007 Broadway stage production, based on the 1980 movie that starred Olivia Newton-John. You may recall the movie as being a big hit, but really, it sucked. The music from the movie, however, was very popular and many of the songs topped the charts. The Musical plays off these facts with a slightly adapted storyline that humorously mocks and follows the movie's original plot (more or less). And the music is still awesome.

If you know the movie plot, Olivia-Newton John plays a Greek Muse named Clio. She visits an LA artist to help him achieve his dream, disguised with a new name and a pair of roller skates. They team up with an auditorium owner, who also had a muse whom he lost decades earlier. This partnership results in the creation of a roller-disco/nightclub called Xanadu.

I don't recall the movie very well, but in the stage show, Clio is the muse of both men, and her big disguise is really just being known by different names (plus a lack of aging).

Are you with me so far?

So see if you understand this irony(?), coincidence(?), or message from beyond(?). During this week in which we are giving so much thought to losing our sweet Kira, we spent the night at the theatre watching a show in which the main character, Clio, comes to earth in 1980 disguised as a woman named... wait for it... Kira. Oh, and the name she used as a disguise in the 40's... Kitty.

Kira Kitty. That has been her nickname since we brought her home from the shelter. Ok, Kitty, that is not a big stretch since Kira ia a cat. But Kira is not a very common name-- the only other Kira I am aware of is the Star Trek:DS9 character whom we used as our inspiration. But what are the odds of a character with (multiple) names of Kira/Kitty?

How odd to have purchased our season tickets months ago, and that Xanadu plays during this week, featuring Kira/Kitty... AND one of the next shows is Cats (Kira has always been Grizabella to me, and deserves to be reborn)... AND the last show of this season is The Lion King; maybe our own beloved Simba is letting us know he's ready and waiting for her to cross The Rainbow Bridge whenever we are ready to let her go and join him.

Kira has had to put up with two daddies and three brothers, so when you think of it, she has always been our sweet little Muse.

Here are some pictures of a playful Kira taken this week.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kira Health News VI

Kira had her visit to Dr. Tobin's office yesterday morning.  But let me back up...

In addition to the pill we shove down her throat twice a day, the twice a week chemo pill, and a squirt of anti-nausea liquid as needed...  she is also getting a vitamin B12 shot regularly, periodic insulin shots, and a subcutaneous fluid infusion.  As much as we want to do what is best for her, it is difficult to subject her to so much, and we occasionally grow exhausted at both the physical process involved as well as the mental process it takes to follow through completely.

We do skip dosings, we call it "Giving Kira a drug hoilday", and it is infrequent and calculated, making sure her well-being isn't compromised.  For example, we probably skipped 30 of her twice-a-day pills, (after more than 2 years of this, that means approx 1500 opportunities), so we're not neglecting her.  The subcutaneous fluids are psychologically the hardest to administer, poking her with a needle and keeping her still for 5-8 minutes while the fluids flow.

So to get back to the story, we had been slacking on administering the fluids, but after a very down weekend, we made sure to give fluids to Kira both Monday and Tuesday nights before her Wednesday morning Vet visit.  She was full of life, interest, and energy all morning.  She explored the Exam Room and was very vocal and curious on the drive to and from.  She had the usual tests done.  It was so awesome to see her so interested in everything.  Dr. Tobin did remind us of what we were already monitoring: Good days vs. Bad days.

Understandable, Kira was wiped out last night, after such an active day.  Her test results showed no change, but her results have been out-of-whack for so long already, that is of no comfort.  As for her activity level today, she has been inactive and uninterested in most everything.


Here is a video of  active Kira at the Vet's Office.  She was exploring the room while waiting for Dr. Tobin to come in and Kira sought out and found her red travel bag hidden under my green jacket.  Our little explorer kitty would prefer to be safe inside her bag.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kira Health News V

Subtle changes are happening...

Kira's time with us is coming to an end. She has started having difficulty sleeping, has begun losing her balance regularly, and has become even more picky about eating. Her hearing is all but gone now. She rarely is bothered by her brother, Bailey, which we always felt would be one of the last things we'd see happen, as she got more tired out. She moves very slow and calculated, and the stairs have become difficult for her to navigate. (She walks so slow and tenuous now, with her back arched... we have nicknamed her "Our Little Grey AT-AT" a reference to the slow, lethargic Star Wars transports used on the ice planet, Hoth)

We first identified her health issues 2 years ago this week. She was given 6 to 24 months in her diagnosis. I am proud of her being such the trouper and making it a full 24 months. She has had four different veterinarians during that time and had to move twice to new houses. She has had Mike and I visiting the Vet with her at least once a month for the last 24 months. She has had to take 2 capsules of medications twice every day for the last 2 years, plus other needed pills, shots, liquids and tests throughout to help with chemotherapy, nausea, diabetes.

She has an Vet appointment tomorrow morning, but I think the writing is on the wall. I don't think we'll make the decision for tomorrow, as we'd still like a few more days with her... she still is loving, affectionate, and constantly purring when she is with us, and because of that, we can afford to take some time to say our goodbyes, tell her how much we love her and how much we'll miss her(of course, we'll have to yell these intimacies to her, in hopes she'll be able to hear it). Her little body is wearing out.

So just an update on Kira... I'm gonna go spend time with her now.

UPDATE: Pictures from today...

Kitten Slide Video

After watching this, I think we should put a slide in our backyard for Bailey and Sidney to play on...

Hey Slide Kitteh, yoo doin it wrong...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Play 2009 Off, Keyboard Cat

"Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat" is a viral video from 2009 that jumped from its original form, simply showing this cat playing an uptempo beat on the keyboard, to a much bigger and more viewed internet sensation...  being tacked on to the end of 'Fail' videos of all kinds.  A search on YouTube will yield hundreds of results in which a  video clip ends in disaster and the same feline video is added in order to... Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat.

This clip is just one of hundreds, all different, except for Keyboard Cat Playing 'em Off at the end. HAPPY 2010!!!