Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BaileyBlog at SimbaSpot has inspired SimbaSpot spinoffs

Meet the new Simba.

BaileyBlog... located at SimbaSpot.BlogSpot.com has inspired a future website:  SimbaSpot.com.   

And a future Twitter account:  @SimbaSpot

Why, oh why? you ask (especially concerning a Twitter account)

The reason is pretty simple actually.  You see, Simba has inspired me to do a great many things in life, even though he is no longer with me every day.  This blog, now 2 1/2 years old, for one and many of my best design projects (both interior design and graphic design) are great examples of his inspiration.  My latest project, a kids activity for a city event, also has Simba written all over it--two dozen animal cutouts (made entirely by me) that highlight my creativity, but this time Simba and I are taking it public, beyond Portland.

Introducing SimbaSpot

Be sure to visit my graphics shop at Zazzle, and if you like what you see please make a purchase--- I receive royalties and referral fees for my work, so you really would be supporting me if you like what you see and make a purchase.

Oh, and don't forget... coming soon: simbaspot.com and @simbaspot on twitter.

 One final shameless promotion