Saturday, February 19, 2011

One Year Later

After weeks of cloudy, overcast, wet weather, this weekend is offering a bright, bold, blue day to help coax out the reticent spring flowers.  Same thing happened last year, on this same weekend.  

You see, last year, it was pretty clear that Kira was in decline.  We had planned on spending the weekend showering her in love and saying our goodbyes.  She had been hanging in there for weeks and we knew that the tide had turned, but one thing we hoped she would get to have before the end was a few hours of the sun's rays to warm her tired little body.  That weekend, the winter weather took a break and Kira was able to bask in the warm sunlight and daddy loving that she thrived on.

Thinking about you today, Kira.

This year, we got the exact same weather pattern.  However, in her absence, the change in weather is marked by the presence of the porch cats...  FluffySox, 50/50, Sharkbait, and Brillo. (Found cat, Kasey, even popped up, practically knocking at our front door about a week ago). Our front porch faces the west and the afternoon sun is ideal, as it beats down and helps recharge all the solar powered cats in the neighborhood.  Not to mention the free cat food, beds, and shelter, our porch is the ideal kitty haven.  We even have a new visitor, another orange and white tabby like 50/50 only smaller... we nicknamed him 40/40.

So, as a reminder not to become overrun by stray/feral cats, I post this picture.  It is to remind me what a homeless critter might look like on our porch if is gets to be a little too comfortable...