Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The View of Baldy View

I will be the first to admit, my aesthetic can be a bit...  let's say, "Youthful".  I grew up in Anaheim and worked at Disneyland in my there is a lot of youthful influences that I try to incorporate into some of my projects as an adult.  I can't be too far off from the rest of the world, the guys on "Big Bang Theory" are always reading comics and playing with toys...right?

So, a year ago, I got an ideal client... an elementary school.  I did some logos for free, and then designed tshirts to promote school pride---I even geared up the pep squads (who even knew that elementary schools had pep squads?!?)

And then, over the Summer, I got the request to help design the graphics for the new school marquee.  So I sent this image:

 And now, today, I got these pictures of the project moving forward:

Baldy View Marquee Installation

Baldy View Marquee Close Up

I have been able to say I am a professional designer for a while, but have not had too much proof to back it up publically.  Therefore, I am posting this to validate my designs...  YEAH!!!!!