Thursday, December 10, 2009

Foster home for FluffySox

So.... our "half cat" (the feral cat that came with the house, and whom we feed on our porch everyday), that we named "FluffySox", was visably miserable on the porch-despite the warming blanket we put out for her-as the outdoor temps only range in the teens and 20s. We brought her indoors Monday night, in order to keep her from freezing to death (literally).

Anyway, she spent two days hiding under our guest bed. She also refused to eat anything--even the same food we had been feeding her on the porch for the past several months. Top it off, she only used the litter box twice--in 2 days. I was beginning to worry we had done the wrong thing for her.

Finally, we caught her dashing under the bed (obviously she had been looking out he window before we had entered the room). And better yet, 5 minutes after I got into bed on Wednesday (I had been sleeping in the room with her each night), she came out from the bed and returned to her window viewing/nap spot and wasn't bothered that I was nearby. She spent the entire night there, just a few feet away from me. AT 5:30 am, she finally decided she would eat! Yea!!

Anyway, here she is, in her safe place.


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