Friday, March 19, 2010

The Other Grey Girl

Shortly after we moved to Portland, we met Dan and John, and they quickly became our valued friends.  Let me be clear here...  Dan and John are very nice, but their dogs, Digby and Rupert had all the personality!  ;-) 

At the time, we just had Kira and Bailey...  sweet grey girl, Kira and hyper young boy, Bailey.  Dan and John were always out and about with the dogs, Digby and Rupert...  sweet grey girl, Digby and hyper young boy, Rupert. (I have to admit, I was extremely jealous that Digby and Rupert socialized so well--- and we had cats)

Other than species, this pair of dogs was so similar to our pair of cats, that I adored them immediately. Both girls were "little" old ladies who were battling old age and both boys were young and fearless.

We were informed this morning that Digby had passed on last night.  We knew she wasn't doing well, but it still makes Mike and me sad to know she is gone. We will miss her, too.
So here's to Digby...and tell Kira we miss her.

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